House Hunters International

Just got word that our episode will be airing in July.  We had a lot of fun and are so excited to see how it all comes together!  Till then, here are a few pictures from our filming (I don’t think any of these pix give away anything!:).  Stay tuned for the airing date!


This is some serious dedication to the job! We got the take with great sound!:)


Here we are with our crew-minus the producer. They all made this such a fun experience and were so great with our kids!!


Classic shot of Americans being so surprised by how tiny refrigerators are in Europe.

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Spring Break in Gran Canaria

We just finished a fantastic two-week spring break!  Spent the first week playing with friends, relaxing, and hanging around Brussels.  The second week we traveled to Gran Canaria and soaked up lots of sun!  And, again, realized that my kids are much more adventurous than I. (see below for some jet skiing and parasailing adventures:)  We chose our hotel for its amazing view and thus-many steps down a mountain to the beach. 744 to be exact. We went down twice and up once and then decided the 4 euro cab ride was a great deal! Plus after the last trek we found out Celia had strep. A doctor came to our room, checked her out, and gave us a prescription…oh, and she told us that Celia couldn’t swim because the water is too cold. What??? Luckily, the medicine had done wonders by the next morning so we were back in vacation mode!

April 27 2014 040

Sunrise from our balcony.

April 27 2014 065

Sunset from the pool.

April 27 2014 041 April 27 2014 056 April 27 2014 066 April 27 2014 071


Dean said this was his first real experience with speed. 🙂

DSC_2632 DSC_2745 DSC_0049


Celia said this was the best experience EVER!

DSC_0185   DSC_0252

The pool window that looks into the hotel lobby.  Fun??  Why, yes it is!!

The pool window that looks into the hotel lobby. Fun?? Why, yes it is!!

744 steps from the beach ;).

744 steps from the beach ;).


Dinant is a cute city about an hour south of Brussels.  We experienced our first Rail Bike.  The first half was uphill (hard!), but luckily there was a break and we had the most delicious Italian food since living in Italy.  Super nice service and lots of motorcycles to keep the kids entertained…oh, and a goat that Celia kept feeding. 🙂
















On a gorgeous day, we headed to the Ardennes (about 1 1/2 hours from Brussels) for some hiking!  The kids were in their element.  It filled us all up and we can’t wait to visit again!

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Basketball Season x 2

Dean had a great season-I think his favorite part was having Dad as coach!

My favorite player on Team Blue Thunder!

My favorite player on Team Blue Thunder!

Our favorite coach!

Our favorite coach!

Looking intense!

Looking intense!

Action shots are really hard when you are trying to also watch the game. :)

Action shots are really hard when you are trying to also watch the game. 🙂

DSCF1113 DSCF1109 DSCF1108

Great fun this season! This was the first year Celia was on an all-girl team and it was such a great experience.  It was a lot of fun to watch her play!


Here comes Blue Lightning!


DSCF1141 DSCF1156 DSCF1148


Blue Lightning!

Blue Lightning!

Post tournament refueling.  4 games in one day=as many sweets as you can eat. :)

Post tournament refueling. 4 games in one day=as many sweets as you can eat. 🙂




Kids had a week off of school mid February so we made a list of fun things to do in our city.

Checked out a local cave…




Hello perfect rainbow over our house!



A little indoor play time…20140404-154907.jpg

Glow in the dark miniature golf…


Dinner afterward at Chi Chi’s.  None of these are left back in the Midwest, but it sure is a hit here in Brussels!


We also visited the Museum of Natural Sciences and a local indoor pool…along with easy mornings, fun baking, and lots of smiles, I’d say our Staycation was a success and we fell a bit more in love with our city.

Happy 6 months to us!




It’s been a great adventure thus far!

Below are some pictures of things that have happened in the last 6 months, but didn’t make it into a blog.


Weekend trip back to Frankfurt, Germany (where we first lived overseas). They still have my favorite pretzel stand!



Celia participating in her first lacrosse season.


Finding out we were going to be on House Hunters International. Here we are in Mariemont filming our back story.


Post filming celebration in Mariemont (ie-teaching Dean how to party :).


Getting to visit/celebrate with friends during part of the filming!!


Our best friends from Indy made the trip even!!


Celebrating end of filming with some Graeters ice cream!!


Celebrating our 14th Anniversary!


Cousin time! Celebrating all the winter birthdays and introducing everyone to candy noses from Brussels! 🙂


Celia getting her fajitas (yay!!) during a girls lunch with Grammy!


Keeping the NYE tradition alive! (Been together for all of them since 1998 minus only two years in there).


Celebrating Grandma Kay’s birthday with her on her actual birthday!!


Kids starting basketball season!


FINALLY getting our Halloween care package. In January. 4 months late doesn’t seem too bad when you realize it went to Brazil before coming here to Brussels! No joke.


Lazing around in the sun after school. Because we can. The weather here has been so nice. Sorry Midwest folks.


Kids riding the bus home for the first time and finding this gem along the way!




One of my favorite pictures of Celia.  I feel like it really captures her personality.  Crazy cold rainy day and she's still out there for lacrosse.

One of my favorite pictures of Celia. I feel like it really captures her personality. Crazy cold rainy day and she’s still out there for lacrosse.


Joyeux Anniversaire Dean!!

My little guy turned 6 on November 27! His birthday requests-miniature golf and McDonald’s. Check. Dean had a great time with his friends and enjoyed all the birthday wishes from near and far!

Happy little guy to have his own guitar now!

Happy little guy to have his own guitar now!


Bday lunch at MCD’s

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The Circus is in Town!

Every day on our drive to school we pass signs for a local circus and can see the tent. Kids have been asking to go, but we weren’t sure. We’ve been before and they weren’t really fans. Then a friend introduced me to Groupon here in brussels (hip hip to that!) and first offer that popped up was for this circus. It was a sign. We bought tickets and told the kids we were going on an adventure.

Little did we know we were going to have the best circus experience ever! Really, I mean it. As soon as we entered the first the tent (yes, an actual tent like back in the day!) we knew this was a different kind of circus. There were games for kids, face painting, snacks and then you entered a second tent where a clown (of course:) escorted us to our seats. The stage was only about 50 feet and we sat right on the edge (amazing). Though I did start wondering about the white tigers I’d seen in the poster. We were mighty close for that (don’t worry the clowns put up a cage when the time came:).

The show was one act at a time doing real circus tricks. Felt like we had time travelled back to the first days of a traveling circus.


Somehow scored first row seats!



Seriously thought Celia would go into shock during this act!


See the cage? Safe. Oh, and the clown (our escort) had us scoot our seats back about 6 inches. 🙂


This lady was AMAZING! She gave us the biggest gasp when she “fell.”



Un-creepiest clown I’ve ever seen. 🙂